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RCC Spun Pipes

RCC Spun Pipes

The RCC pipes are cast by compacting concrete together with the embedded steel reinforcement in molds with centrifugal force by revolving the molds using a motor or an engine. Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Spun / Hume Pipes are used for water drainage,sewerage,culverts and irrigation. RCC Pipes are very much preferred for such usage because they are leak proof, are easily repairable and are non-reactive to sewerage toxins.They are mostly in demand from Industries,Public Health Engg. Dept., Public Words Dept., Agriculture and Forest Dept.,


National Highways (NHAI), Environment Engg. Dept and Municipal Corporation etc.  RCC Spun Pipes are classified as  and non-pressure pipes. viz NP1, NP2, NP3,  for use in specific conditions. RCC Hume Pipes are made from cement, course and fine aggregate, sand, mild steel and HT Rods and bars.

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